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  • Machine health monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics and repair
  • Advanced logistics
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    SIM Plug™


    Exchange SIM Cards without risk to M2M Devices

    Exchanging SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) cards – either due to a change in wireless carrier or damage – can be costly and time consuming. Yet, most SIM cards are not adequately protected, leaving them vulnerable to dust, debris, water, and warping. In a scenario where SIM cards need to be changed in an entire fleet of equipment, the cost and risk can be substantial.


    That's why we created the SIM Plug™. It holds a standard 15 mm x 25 mm SIM card and provides a rugged, weatherproof connection to the M2M device. SIM cards can be quickly and easily exchanged – without exposing sensitive electronic components. So your card and your valuable equipment will be protected.


    Contact us today to get information about how you can cost-effectively switch your equipment to the SIM Plug.