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9560RScraper Tractor

Features & Specs

  • Powerful IT4/Stage IIIB engine
  • Unobstructed all-around visibility
  • 18-speed PowerShift™ transmission
  • AutoLoad™ automates hydraulic-lift functions
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Net Peak Power412 kW (560 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Turning Radius w/ 10-deg. Stops 5.92 m (19.5 ft.)
Wheelbase 3500 mm (137.8 in.)
Shipping Weight 18 144 kg (40,000 lb.)
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    9560R Scraper Tractor

    Give your earthmoving operations more pull.

    You get efficient, dependable, and cost-effective pulling power with a John Deere 9560R Scraper Tractor. And when the scraper work is done, these highly versatile workhorses aren‘t. Unlike dedicated scrapers, they're equally adept at pulling a disk, roller, ripper, water wagon, or other drawbar tasks. If you make your living at moving dirt, you won't find a better investment.

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