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8800 TerrainCutTerrainCut Rough Mower

Features and Specs

  • Diesel engine for increased performance
  • Easily accessible daily service points
  • Plenty of fuel for a day long mowing
  • Enhance contour-following capabilities
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Engine Horsepower42 hp (31.1 kW)
SteeringHydraulic power with dual rod
Controls Forward/reverseDual pedal
Cutting deck width21 (53.3)
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    8800 TerrainCut Rough Mower


    Levers to make your life easier.

    No rotary rough mower in this class makes it as easy to adjust height-of-cut. Compare for yourself, and you’ll see why. On the 8800, you simply flip levers to raise and lower the front and rear rollers, and flip them back to lock in a new height-of-cut. There’s no need for special tools, or complicated requirement to brace the deck chamber.

    Close-up of the diesel engine in the PrecisionCut mower Power to Spare
    A 43.1 hp Turbo-charged diesel engine with an intercooler easily generates enough power to cut the densest turf.
    Close-up of the white box control module system Diagnostics Made Easy
    White box control modules enable rapid, accurate identification of any service issues.

    View of the ISO-standard ROPS on the PrecisionCut mower ISO-standard ROPS
    A rollover protective structure (ROPS) meets pending ISO 21299 standards. Seat belts and an operator presence system add security.

    Close-up of the steering column of the PrecisionCut mower Double-Acting Steering Cylinder
    Exclusive double-acting steering cylinder equalizes right and left pressure, just like a greens mower, so it's incredibly easy to hold a straight line.
    Close-up of the Command Arm control center on the PrecisionCut mower Command Arm
    Combo armrest/control center moves with the seat and keeps all vital functions (like lights, lift/lower lever, PTO, throttle and optional cruise control) right at the operator's fingertips.

    Worker using a PrecisionCut mower to trim grass on a golf course GRIP All-Wheel Drive
    Standard GRIP™ All-Wheel Drive Traction System directs flow from a front wheel motor to the opposite rear wheel motor to maximize grip during side hill operation.

    View of the deck on the 8800 PrecisionCut mower Enhanced Mower Decks
    High-strength stamped 10-gauge steel decks are enclosed within a frame and guarded by a skid plate. Height of cut can be changed quickly with no tools. Lost motion cylinders ensure mower decks can follow ground contour and vacuum up grass.
    Close-up of the engine compartment on the PrecisionCut mower Easy Service Access
    All checks are located on the left hand side, and oil cooler tilts out for easy cleaning.
    Close-up of the height adjustment feature on the deck of the PrecisionCut mower No Tool Height-of-Cut Adjustment
    To adjust the height of cut, simply pull the levers at each end of the front and rear rollers outward. With the levers pulled out, give a quick tug to disengage the teeth in the notches. This allows the rollers to rotate upward and downward freely and easily. No tools required and almost no time.





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