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/ / 7400 TerrainCut™

7400 TerrainCutTrim Mower

Features and Specs

  • Excellent cut quality
  • Easy-to-use
  • Long life and durability
  • Double-acting, dual-rod hydraulic steering
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Dimensions Height83 (210.8)
Mower Number3 Rotary decks
WarrantyTwo year limited
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    7400 PrecisionCut Trim Mower


    At last, the flexibility to handle any stretch of your course

    Mowing tree lines, bunker edges and surrounds is easier than ever. Just by flipping a switch you can adjust your width of cut and independently shift cutting units right or left to finish these time-consuming areas, pronto. (There’s no need to get off the mower or make lift arm changes.)

    This kind of super-flexible thinking doesn’t stop there. These mowers’ cutting units feature an extended travel to follow the contours of your course better—to reduce scalping the top of tough mounds and undulations.

    Try one on your course. And shift your expectations of what a trim mower can do.

    Close-up of the diesel engine in the PrecisionCut mower Power for the Hills
    37.1 hp Turbo-charged diesel engine gives you the power to tackle even the toughest cutting conditions.
    Close-up of the white box control module on the PrecisionCut mower Diagnostics Made Easy
    White box control modules enable rapid, accurate identification of any service issues.

    View of the ISO-standard ROPS on the PrecisionCut mower ISO-standard ROPS
    A rollover protective structure (ROPS) and retractable seat belt are standard equipment on the 7400 PrecisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower. The ROPS meets pending ISO 21299 standards.

    Close-up of the buttons for the trimming system in the control center of the PrecisionCut mower Reach Trimming System
    Push button trimming. Just extend the right or left cutting unit a full 15 inches beyond the edge of the front tire to trim out bunkers closer than ever while keeping the traction unit away from the bunker wall.
    Close-up of the Command Arm on the PrecisionCut mower Command Arm
    Combo armrest/control center keeps all vital functions (like lights, lift/lower lever, PTO, throttle and optional cruise control) right at the operator's fingertips.
    Worker using a PrecisionCut mower on a golf course GRIP All-Wheel Drive
    Responsive GRIP All-Wheel Drive helps maintain consistent flow to all wheels for changing course terrain. By directing flow from a front wheel motor to the opposite rear wheel it provides excellent traction in the ups and downs of rough mowing.

    Overhead view of the deck on the 7400 PrecisionCut mower Decks Designed for Trimming
    The 7400's decks are specially designed for close in trimming with the blade tip positioned only 1 inch from the side edge. And deck motor torque is 165 in. pounds per mower to power through thick turf.
    Close-up of the Width-on-Demand system on a PrecisionCut mower Width-on-Demand
    Industry-exclusive Width-on-Demand system allows for on-the-go selection of 68-in or 74-in width of cut.
    • 68-in width of cut for mowing undulating terrain with optimal deck overlap
    • 74-in width of cut for mowing flatter areas where you can achieve more productivity.

    Close-up of the spacers on the deck of the PrecisionCut mower No Tool Height-of-Cut Adjustment
    Simply add or remove spacers. No tools required and almost no time to change height-of-cut.





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