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DB Planter Series

Photo of DB planter

Go fast. Go long.

ExactEmerge is now available on various models of our wide-reaching line of DB planters, including the 60-foot DB60, 80-foot DB80, and 90-foot DB90. So, for the first time, you can plant at 10mph – faster than any other machine – with some of the widest bars in the business. That’s what we call unparalleled productivity. And you can only get it from John Deere.


    Frame Frame
    Frames on the DB series Planters are made to be as flexible as they are durable. Ample frame flex is built in to ensure consistent planting depth in rolling fields. Sturdy 7x7 steel framing withstands the in-field pressures place on these wide=working planters.
    Subaru Ex Engine RowCommand
    Put seed only where you want it with RowCommand row control, so over-planting on headlands and point rows is a thing of the past. You can operated the system manually, or pair it with SwathControl Pro ™ for planting with maximum ease and effectiveness.

    SeedStar ™ XP SeedStar ™ XP
    Your eyes on the ground, SeedStar XP delivers real time singulation data to your GreenStar™ 2 or 3 Display. No extra monitor needed. No inaccuracies. Get quick, easy-to-view information on multiples, skips, ride dynamics, and row unit downforce.