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Fittings & Accessories

John Deere carries a full line of fittings including drip tape (Pro-Grip), drip line, and compression fittings.

John Deere fittings deliver high performance at a great value. As a member of the John Deere family of products, you can be sure the John Deere fittings reflects the tradition, integrity and innovation that have made John Deere a world leader in cost-effective, precision water delivery systems.

Valved Fittings

Valved Fittings

More control in your system with built in valves on a variety of standard fittings allow you to control the flow at each lateral.

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    • Drip Line Fittings

      Drip Line Fittings

      From the connection to the manifold to the coupler, our drip line fittings are perfectly suited for our drip lines. Fitting types - Couplers, Layfl at, barbed, and assemblies.

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    • Compression Fittings

      Compression Fittings

      High performance compression fittings - engineered for landscape, horticultural, and agricultural applications. The compression fittings line includes couplers, elbows, threaded fittings, adapters, and more.

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    • Pro-Grip Drip Tape Fittings

      Pro-Grip Drip Tape Fittings

      John Deere provides a wide range of high quality drip tape fittings built with ease-of-use and performance in mind.

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