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Disc Mowers

R Series Disc Mowers

John Deere Disc Mowers are designed with speed in mind. Hook up is easy—a Quik-Coupler is available on the three larger models models. To transport, with the optional hydraulic tilt cylinder, simply engage tractor hydraulics and the cutterbar swings up and locks into place. In the field, these disc mowers give you lots of protection. The multi V-belt drive can absorb sudden shock loads, plus the drive line is protected by a slip clutch (standard equipment). If you should catch a fence post or other immovable obstruction, the cutterbar has a "break-a-way latch" that lets the mower swing back to limit damage. These disk mowers are also designed for fast repairs. And if a disc is damaged, the affected quill assembly can be removed and replaced.

  • disc mower traveling down road for speedy repairs

    Speedy Repairs

    A removable “quill assembly” speeds repairs while it protects the cutterbar gears from internal damage. The rugged high-strength gears run in oil, cool and quiet

  • gears photo showing the ability to fold and go

    Fold and Go

    These mowers fold up for transport right from the seat. Your tractor hydraulics do all the work.

  • photo of wheel showing no scuffing feature

    No More Scuffing

    The swath-forming wheel replaces the old fashioned rigid swath shield found on some disc mowers. It fits under the protective curtain and virtually eliminates ground scuffing on tight turns. The wheel also poses no problem when backing up.


5 Series

Get a quick, clean cut with John Deere Rotary Disk Mowers. The enclosed-gear drive protects the cutterbar for lasting performance and value.



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