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1270EWheeled Harvester

Features & Specs

  • Powerful, versatile and productive
  • Power and precision with a choice of harvester heads
  • CH7 harvester boom
  • Comfortable operator environment
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Work pump190 cm³ (11.6 cu. in.) / 180 cm³ (10.9 cu. in.)
Boom reach8.6 m (28.2 ft.) / 10 m (32.8 ft.) / 11.7 m (38.4 ft.)
Engine power170 kW (228 hp)
Harvester head optionsH752HD, H754, H414, H270, and H480C

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    1270E Wheeled Harvester


    The Benchmark for All Harvesters

    Since its introduction in 1996, the John Deere 1270 Harvester has dominated harvester sales worldwide while setting the standard for durability and performance. And now the latest 1270E is the most powerful and productive yet.

    With its large 9.0-liter engine and CH7 Harvester boom, the 1270E performs at a level normally reserved for larger size-class harvesters. It is plenty powerful to handle the most demanding clear-fell operations, while being maneuverable enough to operate in final-thinning applications.

    Looking for even more versatility? Our optional eight-wheeled version delivers higher tractive force and more ground clearance to tackle steep slopes and soft soils with more confidence than ever before.









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