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T-Series Combines

The new T670 Combine has been redesigned to achieve even greater levels of performance, uptime and productivity than its predecessor. The T670 is an excellent choice for small grain producers that need consistent high quality straw for baling and delivers up to 15% more throughput so you can work faster and more efficiently.

15% increased production with the largest separation drum on the market

15% increased production in wheat

The largest separation drum on the market features a spacious separation area up to 4 cubic meters, that’s up to twice the separation surface than previously available. The unique multi-drum threshing system with crops flowing above the threshing cylinder ensures a consistent crop flow without sharp bends or abrupt changes in direction. We have further extended the threshing cylinder by 8 degrees, but kept the same angles and interconnection points to ensure excellent grain and straw quality.

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    Harvest 15.5 more acres per day with the T670

    Harvest 15.5 more acres per day

    The T670 features the largest cleaning shoe on the market, a 41% increase in cleaning shoe area, which enables ease of adjustment and delivers a more stable performance under changing harvesting conditions. With the Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe, there are fewer manual and remote adjustments done by the operator. In dry or medium yielding crops and conditions, the new Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning system reduces tailings volume, particularly the amount of threshed grain in the tailings system.

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      T670 50% faster unload rate

      50% faster unload rate — 3.3 bu/sec

      In a field comparison with the New Holland CX8090, the T670 delivered a14% faster unload rate. You can unload in under 100 seconds! The 11,000L capacity grain tank, large diameter unloading auger and low speed are gentle on grains and result in a 3.3 bu/sec unload rate. The cross auger cover plate for the grain tank can be adjusted without the need for tools, so the unload rate can be altered quickly for differing crops.

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