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Drawn Offset Disks


Heavy Offset Disks

Large, heavy-duty blades on rugged, reinforced frames give you the groundbreaking force, penetration, and high load absorption you need to withstand punishing tillage jobs.

  • 240 - 533 lb. (108.9 - 241.8 kg) of weight per blade
  • Tapered roller gang bearings with oil bath lubrication
  • Adjustable disk blade scrapers keep disk blades working in wet and sticky soils
  • DH51 & DH52 Series feature 26 - 28 in. (66 - 71.1 cm) diameter disk blades (available in smooth or notched)
  • DH53 Series features 28 - 32 in. (71.1 - 81.3 cm) diameter disk blades (available in notched only)
  • Two independent control arms for transport and ground leveling



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