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Feller Bunchers

K-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers

K-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers

So tough, so robust, and proven to be reliable - they're real go-getters in the woods.

    700J-Series Feller Bunchers

    700J-Series Feller Bunchers

    When you are ready to increase productivity, choose a 700J-Series Feller Buncher.

      900K-Series Feller Bunchers

      900K-Series Feller Bunchers

      The worst of the woods brings out the best in a 900K-Series Feller Buncher.

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        Smooth Operator

        The optional Rapid Cycle System (RCS) for the 900K-Series machines allows faster, low-effort boom control using a single joystick - for more productivity with less fatigue. RCS includes the following features:
        • Straight-Line Rapid Cycle Boom — enable single horizontal motion of the boom/stick/head controlled by moving a single joystick.
        • Auto Head Level — automatically maintains the head's cutting position relative to the ground throughout the boom-reach cycle.
        • Auto Arm Sequencing — grab arms and accumulator arms automatically sequence to gather cut trees with the press of a single joystick button.
        • Quick Release — with the press of a single button, all four grab arms open simultaneously for a quick release of the bunch.


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        Three incredible finance offers on all new John Deere Skidders, Feller Bunchers, Tracked Harvesters and Knuckleboom Loaders: 0% interest for 36 months,* 1.9% interest for 48 months,* or 2.9% interest for 60 months.*

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