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8000 E-Cut™ HybridFairway Mower

Features & Specs

  • A proven design that drives the cutting unit with electric reel motors
  • 150 potential leak points eliminated in the reel circuit
  • Narrow 80 in. (203 cm) cutting width
  • Highly maneuverable 3-wheel configuration
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Engine horsepower37.1 (27.7 kW) gross @ 2600 rpm, 1496cc, PS
Cutting UnitsQuick Adjust QA5 22-in. (55.9 cm)
Cutting Width80 in. (203 cm)
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    Man using a 8000 E-Cut Hybrid Mower on a golf course


    8000 E-Cut™ Hybrid

    The 8000 E-Cut™ Hybrid offers the superior maneuverability of a triplex mower, and a narrow 80-inch width of cut that’s ideal for highly manicured courses that want to mow their fairways like their greens. In addition, they add the confidence and fuel savings of alternator-driven electric drive cutting units. By eliminating the need for hydraulics running to the cutting units, these mowers eliminate all potential leak points in the reel circuit. And since individual electric reel controllers maintain a consistent reel speed, cut quality is always ideal.


    Front view of a man using an E-Cut Hybrid Mower with blue sky in the background Precise Steering
    Exclusive double-acting steering cylinder equalizes right and left pressure, just like a greens mower, so it’s incredibly easy to hold a straight line.
    Closeup of the adjustable steering column on the E-Cut Hybrid Mower Adjustable Steering Column
    Adjustable steering column, extra legroom.
    Closeup of the Command Arm controls Command Arm
    Vital controls and diagnostics right at your fingertips.

    View of the standard ROPS Standard ROPS
    Standard Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) meets pending ISO 21299 standards.
    Closeup of the easy service access Daily Service
    All checks are located on the left-hand side, and oil cooler tilts out for easy cleaning.
    Closeup of the engine on the E-Cut Hybrid Mower High Power
    A 37.1 hp engine provides plenty of reserve power for optimum cutting.

    Engine horsepower is provided by the engine manufacturer for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower will be less.

    Closeup of the standard GRIP All-Wheel Drive Standard GRIP All-Wheel Drive
    GRIP All-Wheel-Drive instantly transfers hydraulic flow for traction from the wheels that slip to those with grip. So the mower can maintain its footing not only climbing up hills, but also on side hills, too.
    Man using an E-Cut Hybrid Mower on a golf course 3-Wheel Maneuverability
    3-wheels deliver excellent maneuverability and better after-cut appearance with one less tire track. Smooth front drive and steering tires reduce the possibility of turf scuffing while still providing good traction.
    Closeup of the E-Cut Hybrid cutting units E-Cut Hybrid Technology
    Electric reel drive cutting units eliminate the possibility of hydraulic leaks from the reel circuit. Engine can be throttled down to save fuel and reduce noise, without affecting the reel speed. It always stays steady at 2200 rpm for a consistently ideal frequency of clip.







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