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Crop Delivery Contract Insurance Policy


  • Contract with confidence
  • Simplifies crop replacement
  • Improved risk management

    Crop Delivery Contract Insurance Policy

    When you can't deliver, we're ready to help.

    We understand that a major concern for you is honoring your delivery contracts. Because if you experience a yield shortfall or dramatic price fluctuations, those contracts can leave you at risk for losses. The Crop Delivery Contract policy provides additional coverage so you can market your crop with confidence.

    • Insures yield shortfalls below contracted volumes in the event the price to replace the corn or soybeans rises above the federal crop insurance coverage and your contract price.
    • Provides coverage to corn and soybean producers who have delivery contracts with companies or cooperatives contracting grain. This includes ethanol and biodiesel plants.


    How the Crop Delivery Contract policy works.

    The Crop Delivery Contract policy is available through John Deere Insurance Company and provides the additional coverage you need to help offset the costs associated with a contracted volume shortfall.

    Coverage triggers when your total harvested and/or appraised production meets these criteria:

    1. Harvest volume is below your contracted volumes;
    2. The price to replace the crop is above the contract price; and
    3. Replacement cost is above both your spring and harvest Revenue Protection prices.  


    Production to count will be calculated in the same way as the underlying FCIC revenue product. Coverage is capped at $1/bu on corn and $2/bu on soybeans above the higher of the revenue spring or harvest price.


    • Contract with confidence: Crop Delivery Contract coverage gives you the assurance to contract more production when better pricing opportunities are available.
    • Simplifies crop replacement: In the event of a production shortfall, we're here to help you through the process of securing replacement grain to meet your contract.
    • Improved risk management: Your Crop Delivery Contract policy helps cover crop replacement costs when those costs exceed your contract price and your federal crop insurance coverage.


    Available states: AR, IL, IN, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, SD, WI