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Citrus Freeze Insurance Policy


  • Flexible, affordable options
  • Targeted coverage
  • Broad citrus coverage

    Citrus Freeze Insurance Policy

    New protection against your crop's biggest peril.

    One night below freezing, and your entire citrus crop can be damaged. John Deere Risk Protection has a citrus policy to protect your operation against frost or freeze prior to harvest. Our Citrus Freeze policy is an affordable expanded coverage option designed specifically for California citrus growers.

    • Coverage available in 14 California counties for seven varieties of citrus: navel, Valencia, mandarin and sweet oranges; grapefruit; lemons; and tangelos.    
    • Four deductibles available: 25 percent, 35 percent, 50 percent or 60 percent.
    • Coverage begins November 15 or 10 days following application date, whichever is later.



    • Flexible, affordable options: You choose the deductible level that best fits your budget and acceptance of risk.
    • Targeted coverage: Your Citrus Freeze policy is focused on the single biggest risk to citrus growers — freeze.
    • Broad citrus coverage: The Citrus Freeze policy includes seven citrus crops in 14 California counties.


    How the Citrus Freeze policy works

    The Citrus Freeze policy is available through John Deere Risk Protection and is for Citrus trees in their sixth growing season; coverage for younger trees may be available with an MPCI written agreement or through approval from John Deere Risk Protection.

    You choose a deductible level for your qualifying fruit crop. If you experience a frost or freeze that damages your citrus yield, you provide notice within seven days of the damage and then the final indemnity will be calculated after the harvest.

    Use of heaters, wind machines and/or sprinkler irrigation may qualify you for a rate reduction; contact your John Deere crop insurance agent for details.


    Available States: (subject to approval)  CA