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Waratah Attachments

  • Waratah Harvester

    The widest range of harvester/processor heads in the industry.

    With superior grab-arm strength, outstanding power-to-weight ratios, and solid traction-synchronized drives, Waratah harvesting and processing heads are the logger's choice whether processing decked wood, tree-length felling, or cut-to-length applications.

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    • Waratah Felling Head

      Directional felling head available to all markets.

      The continuous-rotation FL85 head can be mounted on a shovel logger, excavator, or track feller buncher carrier, and is designed to fell, pile, crosscut, trim, top, and shovel. This versatile head is ideal for harvesting large trees, selective cutting of valuable species, salvaging storm-damaged timber, and right-of-way clearing.

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      • Waratah Application Guide

        Introducing the Waratah Application Guide.

        Have you ever wondered which attachment would be best for the job? The Waratah Application Guide can help you select the right equipment for your job and region.

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