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Replacement Parts: Blades

John Deere Blade

Designed to stay sharper, longer

John Deere mower blades are calm, cool, cutting machines. American-made using U.S. steel alloy, each blade is manufactured for superiority, engineered for excellence, and designed to stay sharper, longer.

Takes the edge off

Close up of edge-rolled blade design

We've invested in engineering a durable mower blade using an edge-rolled design. When an edge isn't rolled, it is more susceptible to burrs and sharp corners, which ultimately reduce the life of your blade. Plus, edge-rolling produces a sharper cutting surface from the start, so you'll get high-quality cut every time.


The images below compare our edge-rolled blade to a blade with no edge-rolling:


Close-up of John Deere edge-rolled bladeJohn Deere edge-rolled blade
Close-up of John Deere edge-rolled bladeNon-John Deere blade with no edge-rolling

Less stress, longer life

Close-up of John Deere blade edge

Not only does our edge-roll design produce a safer blade, it helps to evenly distribute stress over the surface. This produces a blade that consistently retains its sharpness after grindings, which translates to less sharpenings. And the less blade sharpenings you have to make, the more time and money you save.


We also work to extend the life of our blades through our manufacturing process. Each blade undergoes a proprietary heat treatment that provides the ideal carbon levels needed to produce a blade with excellent wear resistance and fatigue. And getting the right amount of carbon matters – too much means a weaker blade, too little and the blade wears out quickly, resulting in more blade replacements for you.


John Deere blade with minimal carbon lossMinimized carbon loss on John Deere blade
Non-John Deere blade with carbon lossIncreased carbon loss on non-John Deere blade

An ideal design

Side view of mower blade

It only makes sense that John Deere rotary mower blades are designed to fit perfectly on your John Deere mower. We accomplish this by top stamping the mounting hole on all our blades. A top stamp allows the blade to fit tightly against the spindle, which reduces knocking, extends the life of other mower parts, eliminates uncut strips of grass for a better, cleaner appearance, and provides a smoother mowing experience. Ultimately, this adds up to less work for you.


Ready to mow? Find the right mower blade for your machine.