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Replacement Parts: Belts

The Edge Cutting System Mower Deck and replacement belt

Brain meet brawn

John Deere residential mower deck belts* are engineered to be incredibly strong, durable, and long-lasting. We make sure of that through our application-specific design process and rigorous testing standards - even going above and beyond what’s required – so you get the best belt for your machine.

Strong enough for the heaviest loads

Close-up of belt cutaway

Engineered to withstand the heaviest loads – up to 2,400-lbs. of tension – our belts resist stretching over time, which means you’ll experience a well-tensioned drive, less belt wear and less belt derailment. We accomplish this by building each belt using aramid cords – the same material used in bulletproof vests. Aramid has an incredibly high tensile strength that can withstand heaving loads, meaning reduced belt breaking and less belt replacing for you.

Long enough to fit your exact machine

Belt length is one characteristic you might overlook, but the proper belt length helps ensure a well-tensioned drive system. When a drive is operating at the correct tension level, the belts wear less and run a lower risk of derailment. We collaborate with our supplier to design our deck belts to match the specific dimensions and proper tension of the deck drive system on which the belt will be used.

Tough enough to protect from the elements

Replacement belts

Your mower encounters its share of potentially damaging elements. That’s why we include an outer belt covering to protect from abrasions and nicks, reducing early belt failure. This outer covering also protects the rubber compound inside the belt and provides a softer PTO engagement, resulting in less belt wear.

Man mows lawn with riding mower

Smart enough to test beyond what’s required

That’s right. We subject our belts to additional testing, going beyond what’s required, to ensure you get a quality belt that lasts. Additional testing includes an intense belt analysis to help detect any issues early in the design process. Our belts are also tested on the exact machines they’ll be used on and in conditions experienced by our customers, so there’s no guessing game as to whether the belt is the right fit for your machine. Our belts are also 100% visually inspected by our suppliers for surface defects and any other indicators of processing problems, ensuring you get a quality belt that lasts. Designed for your specific needs using materials that ensure a durable, long-lasting product.


Find the right mower belt for your machine.

*Refers to mower deck belts found on current production residential mowers and EZtrak™ mowers. Also applicable to secondary mower deck belts found on X300 and X500 Series mowers.