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Bedknife Information & Part Numbers

Bed Knives

Factory specifications require the right amount of chromium and carbon to make our bedknives strong and long wearing. Search part numbers on JDParts.com or contact your local distributor for ordering options.


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ModelPart NumberDescription

Walk-Behind Greensmower
(22" QA5)

ET17533 22" Standard
ET17534 22" Tournament
ET17532 22" Fairway, Low-Cut
ET17767 22" Fairway, Hi-Cut
MT7351 22" Low-Cut
ET11066 3.0 mm w/ Hardened Insert
TCU36165 Hardened Less Aggressive Low Cut
Walk-Behind Greensmower
(18" QA5)
MT4846 2.5mm Tournament
MT7350 18" Low-Cut
TCU25299 18" Fairway
TCU31422 18" Fairway Hi-Cut
TCU36878 Hardened Less Aggressive Low Cut
Walk-Behind Greensmower
MT6947 26" Standard
MT6946 26" Fairway
TCU31428 26" Tournament
22" QA7 (MY2012) ET17751 22" Standard
MT1928 22" Tournament/Low-Cut Fairway
MT3983 22" Tournament/ Ultra Low-Cut
TCU32581 22" Less Aggressive Hardened Insert
26" QA7 (MY2012) ET17752 26" Standard
MT6949 26" Tournament
TCU34070 26” Less Aggressive Hardened Insert
All 30" QA7 MT1973 30" Standard
3325/3365 MT1117 10 mm
MT1118 13 mm
ET16755 10 mm
ET16756 13 mm
Hydraulic Gang Mower
ET16755 10 mm
ET16756 13 mm