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Protective Parts

Steering Toe Control

Steering Toe Control
  • Prevents front steering wheel from coming out of alignment in excessively rough or uneven conditions
  • By inserting the toe control valve, you block the oil between the steering cylinder piston and the steering valve metering pump, preventing oil from leaking back to the reservoir


Part Number: BN400489 (4630 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202387 (4710 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202481 (4720, 4730 and 4830 Sprayers)

Wheel Motor Shields

Wheel Motor Shields
  • Keep crop and mud away from the inside of the wheel motor
  • Ensures easier cleaning and added protection from debris


Part Number: BN202605 (4720, 4730 and 4830 Sprayers)

Wheel Shields

Wheel Shields
  • Proven to prevent damage to bushy crops
  • Gently part crops to allow wheel package to easily flow past
  • Flexible skirt conversion kit also available to resist rocks and bumps


Part Number: BN202600 (4710, 4730 and 4830 Sprayers)


DiamondTough™ Baler Belt
  • Keeps mud, rocks and other debris from trashing your machine and operator station
  • Extend the full width of the tire for maximum protection


Part Number: BN202345 (4710, 4720, 4730 AND 4830 row crop Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202427 (4920, 4930 row crop Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202583 (4630 Narrow Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202582 (4630 Wide Sprayers)

Part Number: BN400383 (4940 Sprayers row crop fenders)

Part Number: BN400407 (4940 Sprayers flotation fenders)