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Cleaner and Fluids

Spray Tank Cleaner

Spray Tank Cleaner
  • Tank rinse system includes a 567-L (150-gal.) tank to store water or a cleaning solution and a 51-mm (2-in.) Quik-Fill™ that allows the operator to quickly fill the rinse tank. The fill is located on the left-hand side of the sprayer.
  • System activated by positioning suction valve and pressure valve on the side of the sprayer in the rinse positions. When activated using the load/spray switch from the ground, the system pumps the contents of the rinse tank through nozzles inside the tank to rinse away chemical residue.
  • The rinsate from the tank walls may then be sprayed out to flush the boom plumbing. A good cleaning solution can be made by adding spray tank cleaner (N205702 or, in Canada, N207334).


Part Number: N305631 (1-qt. Cleaner)

Foam Tank Cleaner

Foam Tank Cleaner
  • Designed to remove and then solubilize soap residue in foam marking tank systems on John Deere equipment.
  • Because foreign soap residue greatly affects foam marking performance, always clean your system with John Deere’s Foam Tank Cleaner before switching to another foam.
  • In addition, clean your system at the beginning and end of the spray season.


Part Number: N305630 (1-qt. Cleaner)

Ultimate Defoamer

Ultimate Defoamer
  • Formulated to aggressively neutralize foam in all pesticide and/or fertilizer tank mixes regardless of spray solution pH.
  • The unique blend of formulation aids and emulsifiers will not precipitate in low pH spray solutions like typical defoamers do, making it ideal for use with all glyphosate formulations.


Part Number: N305633 (1-qt. Defoamer)

Winterizer Fluid

Winterizer Fluid
  • Lower-use rates save money while protecting your sprayer down to –54˚F
  • The only cold-weather protection fluid that is specifically formulated to protect the entire wet system of a sprayer.
  • Eliminates risk of frozen and broken pipes, pumps, and valves and the frequent replacement of pumps due to improper winterization
  • Dilutes easily with water to provide the right amount of protection for every environment.
  • Won't plug nozzles and screens by antagonizing future pesticide tank mixes
  • Reusable – reduces maintenance expense
  • The only cold-weather protection that is GUARANTEED to be in compliance with Title 40 of the Federal Code of Regulations 180.1001 (c and d) and can be disposed of during normal spraying operations or added to the rinse tank for disposal later in the season – reduces user liability


Part Number: N305634 (2½-gal. Winterizer Fluid)

Part Number: TY26555 (55-gal Winterizer Fluid)

ULTRAX Marking Foam Concentrate

ULTRAX Marking Foam Concentrate
  • Formulated to maximize marking foam performance by generating greater volumes of heat-stable marking foam under a wider range of operating pressures than ordinary synthetic marking foams
  • High-expansion formulation produces large volumes of thick, long-lasting foam that allows applicators to drop more foam at higher operating pressures and application speeds
  • In side-by-side field tests, ULTRAX Marking Foam Concentrate has outlasted ordinary marking foams by over twice as long


Use rates: Use ULTRAX Marking Foam Concentrate at 100:1 dilution rate, 12–13 ounces per 10 gallons of water.


Part Number: N305621 (1-gal. Concentrate)

Part Number: N305622 (20-gal. Concentrate)

Part Number: N306723 (55-gal. Concentrate)

Ultra Pink Foam Dye

Ultra Pink Foam Dye

Increases marking foam visibility in drilled crops and in heavy-residue situations


Part Number: N305627 (1-pt. Foam Dye)