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Boom and Nozzle

Express End Caps (Standard and High Flow)

Express End Caps

As spray distribution systems grow wider, applicators have seen an unacceptable increase in the amount of time it takes for nozzles to stop emitting spray after the boom section valves are closed. A delay of just 5 seconds on a sprayer moving at a moderate speed through the field can cause overspray of more than 70 feet beyond the intended stop point. Express end caps solve this problem while providing additional benefits applicators demand such as:


  • Eliminates most of the lag time when shutting off valves by aspirating the boom
  • Improved hygiene and less risk of air accumulation thanks to the elimination of pipe beyond the last nozzle body
  • Comes with a removable plug, allowing additional access if more thorough cleanout is needed
  • Directly caps off end of pipe with removable plug for easy cleanout
  • Further reduces costs by allowing use of thin wall tubing without welded fittings or heavier schedule 40 pipe with pipe threads

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Express Nozzle Body End Caps
Part NumberDescription
PM74333316 Standard
PM74333314 High Flow

Fencerow Spray Nozzle Kit

Fencerow Spray Nozzle Kit
  • Gain productivity by increasing spray coverage along fencerows or other areas that can’t be reached by the spray boom
  • With the XT nozzle, you can cover an additional 16.5 ft
  • Controlled by a simple switch in the cab
  • Mounted on at the end of the boom wing
  • Spray nozzles sold separately


Part Number: BN202057 (4700, 4710 and 4720 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN300004 (4630 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202541 (4730 and 4830 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202400 (4920 and 4930 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN400408 (4940 Sprayers)

BoomTrac Pro™ Height Control System

BoomTrac Pro™ Height Control System

The BoomTrac Pro auto boom leveling system is designed to help make operators more productive:


  • Increases application accuracy and efficiency by maintaining a more consistent boom height above the crop
  • Dramatically reduces drift and skips
  • Decreases likelihood of boom damage due to reduced opportunities for the boom to contact the ground


Part Number: BN909614 (BoomTac with five sensors: 4730 and 4830 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202556 (BoomTac with three sensors 4730 and 4830 Sprayers)

Boom Plumbing Cleanout

Boom Clean-Out

Simply mount on the ends of each boom section, then open to flush the system and avoid clogging.


Part Number: BN202517 (4730, 4830 and 4930 Sprayers)

Chemical Eductors

Chemical Educators
  • Conveniently add chemicals to your tank from the ground
  • You can fold the eductor down from its storage position to a comfortable working height with a spring assist


Part Number: BN202081 (4700 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202396 (4710, 4720, 4730 and 4830 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN300005 (4630 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202492 (4730 and 4830 large eductor Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202401 (4920 and 4930 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN202493 (4930 large eductor Sprayers)

Part Number: BN400409 (4940 Sprayers)

Part Number: BN400410 (4940 large eductor Sprayers)

Nozzle Drops

Nozzle Drops
  • Dramatically reduce drift by attaching nozzle bodies
  • Attach nozzle bodies to the boom structure at the nozzle drop spacing you need
  • Nozzles include a 24-in. flexible plastic hose, two adjustable angle nozzles, a jumper hose and mounting bracket


Part Number: BN202288 (24-inch hose drops)