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Parts Distribution Centers

The primary parts distribution center for North America is located in Milan, Illinois, and serves the John Deere regional depots and dealers.

John Deere Parts Distribution Center - Milan, Illinois

The John Deere Parts Distribution Center was established in 1973 to provide timely and efficient delivery of service parts to depots,
John Deere Parts Distribution Centerindependent dealers, and customers around the world. The Parts Distribution Center facility houses a multitude of different parts. The latest in technology enables the receiving, storing, picking, and shipping functions to be performed in the most efficient manner possible - supplying customers the right part at the right time. Each day, about 80,000 "lines" are shipped from Milan - as many as 450,000 lines a week. (A "line," or "line item," is the term for a single order that is shipped as a unit, regardless of the actual quantity. It may be one tractor hood, a dozen batteries, or a hundred cap screws.)

Distribution System Computer Network

A sophisticated computer network links John Deere's North American and European distribution centers, not only to each other, but to the 20 regional depots around the world and to nearly all John Deere dealers. By linking dealers with the distribution system, a database matches factory production and parts purchases with demand.