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Garden Therapy

Exploring the benefits of connecting people with plants.

Gardening is good for both body and soul. The produce itself is good to eat, of course, and tending a garden is great exercise. But gardening can also instill virtues like dignity and self-respect; now, many therapists, counselors, and social workers are using those benefits to help those with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and to help the homeless and underserved.

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Tomato’s Travels

No one knows the exact route the tomato took on its way from its ancestral roots in the mountains of Peru to being the worldwide delicacy it is today. “We consider the question of the original site of the domestication of the cultivated tomato to be unsolved, and it will likely forever be so,” says USDA taxonomist David Spooner. Still, the search makes a great detective story.

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    Bloom Bonanza

    For a picture-perfect view of the potential of an east Tennessee spring, head to Bill and Ginger Baxter’s colorful hilltop home just outside Knoxville. This time of year, their acreage bursts with just about every possible type of blooming plant that will grow here.

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      Masters Of The Garden

      The master gardener program started simply as a way to relieve an overburdened Extension worker by training local gardeners in soil and plant science; in return, new master gardeners were expected to help answer questions from the community. Today, Extension services throughout the U.S. and Canada use variations of this wildly successful program.

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