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Man holding a vegetable in a garden

Blazing Skies

The Northern Lights inspire the imagination

Every fall and late winter the arctic skies come alive some nights with a spectacular light show known as the Aurora borealis, or more commonly, the northern lights. The Japanese traditionally believed the lights were a good-luck sign, while others viewed them more ominously. Today, they are simply considered one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights. This has led to a huge tourism business in Yellowknife and other northern towns.

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Image a man with iron sclupture of a horse.

Iron Man

Jim Dolan is a metal sculptor based in Bozeman, Montana, with over 170 large-scale public pieces displayed worldwide. He's well known for his western, wildlife, people, and architectural designs, including the Bleu Horses, a herd of blue metal horses that lounge on a hillside with mountains in the background. The acreage where his home and studio are located are littered with metal wildlife, farm animals and people.

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    Close up image of Fungi

    Putting the “Fun” in Fungi

    Mushroom hunting is a fascinating hobby with rich rewards for fungus fanatics -- truly the ultimate Easter egg hunt. From morels to shitakes to the elusive truffle, homesteaders revel in the hunt and the joy of cooking with some of nature's most flavorful treats. Join us on the West Coast to hunt with the masters, and get inspired to dig deeper into what's popping up on your own homestead.

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      Photo of Carol Braham sitting with a little white dog.

      Master of Mosaics

      When Carol Braham and her husband Bob moved to Los Gatos, California in 1992, they bought a 1970s house that had seen better days. In her spare time, Braham, a schoolteacher, had studied mosaic and masonry techniques. She decided to be the general contractor for the house project, and to do all the hardscape and masonry work. Her designs have created a sanctuary that sparkles with her zesty spirit.

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