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/ / Media Reviews: Gator™ RSX850i

Media Reviews: Gator™ RSX850i

See what the press has to say about the Gator RSX850i.

Successful Farming logo

Successful Farming (February 2014)

"'One word sums up this machine: fun,' says John Lumkes, Ag Engineering Professor at Purdue University."
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ATV Illustrated logo

ATV Illustrated (July/August 2012)

"From our first official look, it’s clear this machine is designed to carry Deere much further into the sport segment than they’ve ever been before."
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Live Outdoors logo

Live Outdoors (July/August 2012)

"When my six-plus hours of ‘riding’ the new John Deere Gator RSX850i came to an end, I wanted the world to know what a gem John Deere had created. Wars could be won with the New Gator RSX, and that’s the truth."
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UTV Guide logo

UTV Guide (July/August 2012)

"Overall, I think that the new RSX850i is a strong player in the sport-utility arena. I can't wait to get some more seat time..."
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UTV Underground logo

UTV Underground (July/August 2012)

"While many will always pigeon hole anything John Deere makes into the category of being a farm vehicle, for those of us who have driven the RSX, it’s easy to see that this is not your grandfather's John Deere."
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Truck Trend logo

Truck Trend (July/August 2012)

"...for a newcomer to the side-by-side market looking for a fun, capable, sturdy vehicle, the RSX is worth consideration."
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Dirt Toys Magazine logo

Dirt Toys (August 2012)

"The new RSX850i is an impressive vehicle, especially considering it's John Deere's first real move into the recreational side-by-side market."
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Dirt Trax Magazine logo

Dirt Trax (September 2012)

"Based on our experience riding it, the RSX850's beauty is way more than skin deep."
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ATV UTV Action Magazine logo

ATV UTV Action (October 2012)

"Anyone looking for a do-it-all machine that has the bed space for working, camping, or hauling, yet still wants a great-handling machine for high-speed recreation, won't be disappointed."
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Dirt Wheels Magazine logo

Dirt Wheels (October 2012)

"The first time you mash the throttle, you realize this machine was built for fun. Any work chores can wait."
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Four Wheeler Magazine logo

Four Wheeler (October 2012)

"In and around the trails of Moab, the Gator RSX850i proved to be a fantastic ride."
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