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Agricultural & Turf Equipment

Agriculture & Turf Equipment John Deere manufactures Agricultural Equipment that is available under the GSA contracts to all Federal Agencies and all Branches of the Armed Services. Available are wheeled and large-track tractors, loaders, and harvesting equipment. Whether farming, mining, or road building, John Deere offers built-in durability and versatility backed by our John Deere dealers for parts and service.

John Deere manufactures various commercial and consumer equipment that is available under the General Services Administration (GSA) contract. The M-Gator™ Utility Vehicle is only available for military customers and is modified especially for military use. Also available are gas, diesel and electric-powered Gator vehicles; selected golf and turf equipment; walk-behind mowers; walk-behind snow equipment; riding mowers; and compact and utility tractors. We also provide attachments and installations unique to your application - all backed by our John Deere dealers for parts and product support.

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John Deere has been serving the needs of federal government agencies for many years. Combining our extensive network of professional, full-service dealers with our experienced team of sales and order processing personnel, John Deere is exclusively positioned to provide your agency with an optimal level of satisfaction from start to finish, and we are the best single source for a wide variety of equipment. We support the following contracts:


General Services Administration Contracts

Defense Logistics Agency

Air Force Non-Appropriated Funds

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