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Riding Greens Mowers Kit

The Approach: John Deere Golf

Get Consistent Cuts on Fairways, Surrounds and Tees

Get Consistent Cuts on Fairways, Surrounds and Tees


Engineers solve problems. John Deere’s engineers are no exception.


When golf course superintendents wanted to mow fairways, surrounds and tees with riding greens mowers to avoid compaction, they quickly discovered a problem. When not on greens, the faster mower speeds and bumps caused the front-attaching-point yoke systems to bounce, resulting in an inconsistent height of cut.


The John Deere exclusive rear-attaching-point yoke kit solves the problem. By attaching to the rear of the cutting unit, it helps keep the rear roller on the ground consistently on uneven turf, said Tracy Lanier, product manager, Global Golf Platform, John Deere Ag and Turf Division.


“This also substantially improves cut quality by maintaining a consistent height of cut in virtually any condition,” he said. “Our engineers designed a system that keeps the back end of the cutting unit engaged with the turf as the rolling resistance of the turf increases due to the faster mowing speeds.”


For more information, visit John Deere’s Greens Mowers page.

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