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Read more about the benefits of a professional mentor

5 Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor

When standing on the edge of the forest, it can be a little overwhelming to find a starting point—the same is true of the beginning of a career. Turning "dreams into reality" or "passions into paychecks" are great ambitions, but if you're discovering that those are easier said than done, you're not alone. The logging business requires a unique drive, motivation, and work ethic, and pairing that young ambition with some seasoned expertise can set you well on your way to success.

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    Read more about how to break old habits and embrace change

    Breaking Habits, Embracing Change

    There's something meaningful about doing things the way they've always been done, especially when logging has been in the family for multiple generations. It's quite convenient to walk down the beaten path and follow in the footsteps of those who pioneered the way for you; however, habits sometimes prevent growth.

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      The Forestry Equipment Review

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      The Forestry Equipment Review is a dealer-personalized, corporately-produced, 16-page publication that goes out to thousands of John Deere Forestry customers quarterly. Content focuses around new product introductions, customer testimonials, real stories from the woods, and product support programs.
      Highlights of the Fall 2014 edition:

      Cover Story

      Roger and Brian Tetreault are fired up about the future of their firewood business.


      North Carolina's timber industry and California's housing market rebound, mills reopen, and more.


      Tech Tips

      Learn why engine valve-lash adjustment is essential for long engine life, peak performance, and optimal fuel efficiency.


      Customized to Optimize

      Roger Miller isn't a "techie", but he understands the value of the Deere Ultimate Uptime program.


      Down Time

      When he isn't running a logging operation, Chad Hord is running near the front of the pack in the TORC off-road truck racing series.


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      See how Miller Timber produces 15 to 20 loads per day to keep up with demand

      Customized to Optimize

      Miller Timber produces 15 to 20 loads per day to make OSB. To keep up with demand, their machines simply can't be down.

      Learn how Ultimate Uptime helps Miller Timber maximize productivity
      Find out how Tetreault and Son Forest Management's packaging facility keeps up with all their semitrailers

      Never Look Back

      Each day at Tetreault and Son Forest Management's packaging facility semitrailer after semitrailer comes in loaded with raw tree-length firewood to be processed, kiln dried, and bundled.

      Find out how this family business keeps pushing forward