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Product News and Stories

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Data is Power – Analyzing and Adjusting Your Business with Technology

One of the most basic, yet arguably most important components of a successful logging business is having reliable equipment to maximize daily productivity and uptime. However, every owner comes to the point where he or she can no longer put off the inevitable: it’s time to replace a machine or add a brand new one to the existing fleet.

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    Creating a Safe Work Environment

    As a logger, many things are competing for your attention. A harsh and changing environment. Long hours. Looming deadlines. Managing a fleet and crews. Any one of these could distract you from operating safely, which is why it is so essential that safety remain the focus of everything you do.

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      The Landing

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      The Landing is a dealer-personalized, corporately-produced, 16-page publication that goes out to thousands of John Deere Forestry customers quarterly. Content focuses around new product introductions, customer testimonials, real stories from the woods, and product support programs.
      Highlights of the Winter 2017 edition:

      Hiring and Retaining High-Quality Employees

      As a logger, you must content with constant challenges, including mill quotas or closures, rising fuel costs, and ever-increasing environmental demands. One of the toughest challenges, hiring and retaining quality employees, is made more difficult by an aging logging population and a shortage of young loggers to take their place. Creating a robust hiring program is crucial to attracting and keeping the right employees.


      Intelligent Boom Control

      Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) on John Deere Forwarders makes boom operations easier, more precise, and more productive. Joysticks are now configurable to user preference on G- and E-Series forwarders. This allows operators to run the popular IBC feature using their preferred control pattern.


      Follow the Leader

      Harve Dethlefs is president of Bighorn Logging Corp. of Banks and Vernonia, Oregon. With a staff of around 80 employees and a fleet full of John Deere forestry equipment, his crews harvest big timber from the steep slopes in and around the Tillamook State Forest.


      High Tide

      Nova Scotia is known for having the world’s highest tides and best scallops. It also boasts beautiful coastline – and some pretty daunting terrain. Nova Scotians call Newfoundland, its neighbor to the northeast, "The Rock," but the nickname would be equally fitting for their own province.


      Noble Cause

      On weekends, Grant Noble, operations manager with Noble Resources in Deere Lake, Newfoundland, trades his hardhat and safety vest for a motorcycle helmet and leather jacket.