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Creating a Work-Life Balance

The feeling of accomplishment after a job well done rewarded by some time spent doing what you love. However, in a business that is typically close to home, the line between work and personal life can become quickly blurred. Even if you love what you do so much that it doesn't feel like work, there are benefits to separating business and relaxation.

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    4 Tips to Better Diesel Maintenance

    Maintaining diesel fuel cleanliness and quality helps ensure your fleet maintains peak productivity. Small particles of debris, excess water, and the assorted byproducts formed as fuel ages can sabotage the efficient operation of your machines.

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      The Landing

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      The Landing is a dealer-personalized, corporately-produced, 16-page publication that goes out to thousands of John Deere Forestry customers quarterly. Content focuses around new product introductions, customer testimonials, real stories from the woods, and product support programs.
      Highlights of the Winter 2015 edition:

      Cover Story

      Work-life balance is important to the Davis family, who have diversified and thrived in an unpredictable forestry environment.


      Favorable forestry outlook for U.S. and Canada, northern long-eared bat decision postponement, and recent forestry event recap.


      Tech Tips

      Rapid Cycle System (RCS) settings can be tailored to operator skills or harvesting conditions. Here’s how.


      Logger’s Round Table

      We recently spoke to a panel of Customer Advocate Group (CAG) members who are proud of their involvement in the development of our new M-Series machines.


      Deere Gear

      Our new M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters are changing the game, redefining the meaning of uptime, productivity, and low daily operating costs.


      Down Time

      Darren Jacobs has participated in a marlin tournament in Cabo San Lucas every year for over a decade. Last year’s tournament was extra special.


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      Watch the video to find out how they keep the balance.

      Forward Enterprises Puts Family First

      Work-life balance is important to the Davis family, who have diversified and thrived in an unpredictable forestry environment.

      Learn more about how they keep the balance.
      Find out how Tetreault and Son Forest Management's packaging facility keeps up with all their semitrailers

      Never Look Back

      Each day at Tetreault and Son Forest Management's packaging facility semitrailer after semitrailer comes in loaded with raw tree-length firewood to be processed, kiln dried, and bundled.

      Find out how this family business keeps pushing forward