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Product News and Stories

Read some of the most common

FT4 Mythbusters

You may have some concerns about Final Tier 4 (FT4) emissions. Our Mythbusters put common misconceptions about our FT4 engines to rest.

    Read some of the most common
    Read more about a structured maintenance program

    Give Your Maintenance Program a Tune-Up

    In today's forestry market, you can't afford not to have a structured maintenance program. With complex variables to face, including the weather, labor, trucking, and changing quotas, you need to ensure your machines are available when needed to remain competitive.

      What is a structured maintenance program?

      The Landing

      Click here to read the current issue of The Landing
      The Landing is a dealer-personalized, corporately-produced, 16-page publication that goes out to thousands of John Deere Forestry customers quarterly. Content focuses around new product introductions, customer testimonials, real stories from the woods, and product support programs.
      Highlights of the Spring 2016 edition:

      Succession Planning

      It's never too early to plan the steps needed for a smooth, successful transition. Here's what you should know.


      Tech Tips

      A structured maintenance program helps reduce downtime and improve productivity. With our Ultimate Uptime solutions, your dealer can help you put a customized program in place.


      Rock and Roll

      Eight-wheeled harvesters have helped LaFleur Forest Products and WJZ & Sons get on a roll in the Lake States region.


      Deere Gear

      Our new G-Series Harvesters pump up the volume by combining high productivity with excellent fuel economy.


      Logger's Roundtable

      Recently we visited new owners of the M-Series to learn what they had to say about these game-changing machines.


      Old School. New Tools

      Bill and Buddy Lominick combine hard work with modern technology to maximize uptime and productivity.

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      Learn more about Big Pine Logging

      Old School New Tools

      Big Pine Logging is taking their operation to the next level with machine-monitoring technology and their latest equipment.

      Learn more about Big Pine Logging.
      Learn more about the operations

      Rock and Roll

      In the rocky Michigan terrain, Eight-Wheeled Harvesters keep productivity rolling for LaFleur Forest Products and WJZ & Sons Harvesting.

      Learn more about the operations.