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Equipment ReLife Program

Extend the Value of Your Equipment with John Deere ReLife

Extend the Value of Your Equipment with John Deere ReLife

You invested in your Deere machine for quality, durability, and reliability, but we're giving you another reason: extendibility. We're committed to helping you find even more value while managing the cost of your fleet. Start at the heart of your machine with replacement of your major powertrain components and your choice of extended warranty* via Powertrain Plus. Then take your like-new machine back to work and benefit from extended hours, reduced costs, and continued dealer support. Contact your dealer for program details.

How It Works

You'll start with your major remanufactured powertrain components. Then you'll work with your dealer to customize the remaining portion of your plan. Contact your dealer at any point to discuss your unique ReLife Program plan.


Powertrain Plus Components

The following shows the eligible models and major powertrain components required for replacement in order to qualify for a ReLife Powertrain Plus warranty.



540G-II (S.N. 604614 - )
548G-III (S.N. 604614 - )
540H, 548H, 640H, 648H, 748H, 848H


A. Engine
B. Transmission
C. Main Hydraulic Pump (Optional)
D. Axles
Studio image of a skidder with powertrain parts highlighted