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Marine Customer Profiles

John Deere PowerTech™ engines are as powerful on the water as they are on the land. Boat owners and captains around the world rely on John Deere engines to keep them on course. Our customers share insight into what aspects of John Deere engines help keep their recreational and commercial vessels on course – check out our customer profiles.

Power on the Water

Blue and green HydroJet boat with lots of people aboard driving in the water under a bridge

Fun in the Sun

Boat racing has inspired three generations of boat builders in the Bonner family. Jordan Bonner, the latest boat maker in the family, continues the tradition with two new John Deere-powered tourist vessels that anyone with a need for speed can enjoy.

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    Yacht sailing in the ocean with the city in the background

    Cruising in Confidence

    Boating has been an evolutionary process for Murray Birch. He now owns a John Deere-powered Nordhavn 63 motor yacht that will take him cruising well into retirement.

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      Workboat Spotlight

      Follow the link to view the video on Living Lands & Waters

      Living Lands and Waters

      Chad Pregracke embarked on his environmental mission to remove trash from the Mississippi River in 1997, and he has fueled a nationwide environmental movement unlike any other on the inland waterway system.

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        Florida Marine towboats in the harbor

        Fueling America

        To keep pace with demand, Florida Marine Transporters operates 60 canal-class towboats and 23 river-class towboats up and down the mighty Mississippi River, its tributaries, and its intracoastal waterways.

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