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Learn how to maximize productivity and uptime at lower daily operating costs. Each issue includes practical information and customer success stories, plus news on John Deere construction equipment and industry trends.
Highlights of the Summer 2015 edition:

Cover Story

The higher you want to go, the stronger the foundation you need. And the team at JR Hayes Corporation of Maple Valley, Washington, is playing a leading role in securing a solid start for the increasing number of highrises being built in the South Lake Union and Belltown neighborhoods of downtown Seattle.

Cleaning Up

Environmental cleanup is a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. And as environmental standards become more stringent and the economy grows greener, it's also becoming big business. Companies like KG Services in Brantford, Ontario, are cleaning up — literally and figuratively.


School of Rock and Trenching, Stockpiling, Grading, and…

Heavy-equipment operators are in high demand in Canada. That's where Interior Heavy Equipment (IHE) Operator School in Winfield, British Columbia comes in. The school trains hundreds of operators a year at its locations in British Columbia and Alberta.


King of the Road, Man of the People

Some leaders are born, some are made. Bob Miller, highway commissioner for the Algonquin Township Road District in Crystal Lake, Illinois, is a bit of both. Miller boasts 42 years of service with the District — and now that he's calling the shots, he's doing things his way.


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