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If you use construction equipment, engine emissions will impact your business. Manufacturers are required to sell equipment that meets federal emissions standards. Equipment you already own may be subject to local requirements based on city, county, and state rules or bid specifications aimed at reducing emissions. John Deere and your local dealer are ready to help you understand the impacts, make smart equipment choices, and remain productive and profitable.

Federal Regulations

Equipment manufacturers must meet federal regulations for non-road diesel equipment, not equipment users. However, because only new equipment meeting these federal regulations can be sold, purchasers, operators, and technicians of this equipment are indirectly impacted.

It's important to understand the timing and requirements of the regulations since different engine technologies are used to meet the standards.


Understanding emissions regulations


Learn about John Deere's advanced technology that meets U.S. EPA emissions standards.

Local Requirements

In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) as part of the Clean Air Act. The EPA has set NAAQS for several principal pollutants, called "criteria" pollutants, which include: carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter.


Although the EPA sets these standards, it's up to local and state regulatory agencies for areas that do not meet NAAQS to develop plans to improve air quality. These areas are commonly referred to as "nonattainment areas" because minimum air quality standards cannot be met without more aggressive regulatory limits. This is important for the construction industry because some state and local efforts to address nonattainment impact off-road diesel equipment through technological requirements such as retrofit, or operational requirements such as idle-time restrictions.


Current U.S. EPA Nonattainment Areas


The EPA regularly revisits its pollutant standards, so more areas could be designated nonattainment in the future. Your John Deere dealer has a dedicated emissions specialist who stays current on local requirements and can help you make the right equipment choices for your operation.