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7-Iron™ & Mulch On Demand™ Mower Decks


Stamped To Perfection

The 7-Iron decks are stamped from 7-gauge steel which requires an incredible 4,000,000 pounds of force to stamp the shell. Stamped decks minimize the number of welds and provide a smooth underside, with fewer sharp corners where material could build. These stamped decks have rounded corners which reduces the potential damage if a deck should contact trees, rocks, curbs or other fixed objects.

7-Iron Deck Video

7-Iron Deck

See why the 7-Iron Deck is the strongest, most durable mowing deck in the industry.

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    Mulch On Demand

    Save Time. Save Money.

    The John Deere Mulch On Demand deck lets you switch between mulching and side-discharging without ever leaving your seat. Save time and money by keeping clippings off of sidewalks and driveways and out of mulch beds.

    Mulch On Demand™

    Discover Mulch On Demand™

    Switch between mulching and side discharging without ever leaving your seat.

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      7-Iron II
      7-Iron PRO
      7-Iron Mulch
      On Demand
      Stamped deck Y Y Y
      Deep-deck design Y Y Y
      Wide discharge chute Y Y Y
      Anti-scalp wheels Y Y Y
      Mulch on demand N N Y
      Raised front edge Y Y Y
      Deck step N Y Y
      Redesigned front baffle N Y Y
      1-in. cold-forged spindles Y Y Y
      18,000 fpm blade tip speed Y Y Y
      Greasable spindles Y Y Y
      Extra deep grove sheaves Y Y Y
      Easy to change blades Y Y Y