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The ProMAX 40 Flat Disk: The flat-disk planting solution field-proven to work since 1991.

ProMax 40 Flat Disk

This is not a cell disk. It'ss a flat disk. And John Deere has been making it since 1991. The ProMAX 40 Flat is designed as a component of the entire John Deere VacuMeter™ system…that means you don't need to buy a new hopper just to make it work!


The design of the ProMAX 40 Flat, as well as the positioning of the disk within the meter, allow seed to be released from the optimum position above the seed tube. The new Flush-Face seed tube allows seed to drop uninterrupted through the tube, so every seed is properly released into the tube, and every seed clears the tube with even spacing.


The ProMAX 40 Flat doesn't have cupped cells to help carry the seed, but rather utilizes flat holes and a higher vacuum level to ensure every hole is populated with one or more seeds. A double eliminator then gently removes all but one seed at each hole for precise population control. Lastly, a knockout wheel makes certain that each hole is clear of any debris after the seed is released from the disk.


Double Eliminator

Double Eliminator

The optional double eliminator on Pro-Series™ row units has been redesigned with a center detent position. This position accurately singularizes more than 90 percent of today's seed sizes and shapes. When planting seeds at the opposite ends of the size spectrum, you can use the larger or smaller setting on the double eliminator to adjust the coverage of the hole. Best of all, these settings are uniform on every row unit, so you get unbeatable accuracy across your planter. No other meter offers this level of convenience and flexibility.

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