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Seed Tube
The Flush-Face Seed Tube: It clears the way for uninterrupted seed drop.

The new Flush-Face Seed Tube is made of a revolutionary translucent polycarbonate material. Being clear, there's no need for a hole for the seed sensor. So we changed the mounting to the outside of the tube. And since there's no hole, there's no need for a ramp above the hole. That means there’s absolutely no chance that seed will bounce against the sensor, nor will the seed get off-track while dropping through the tube. You see, with a ramp, or a ledge, seed momentarily loses its ability to stay on target. With the Flush-Face Seed Tube, seed stays on track from the time it enters the tube to the exit point, resulting in more consistent spacing.

Concerned about wear and tear? There’s no need to be. The positive-locking seed-tube guard already on your MaxEmerge XP™ and Pro-Series XP™ row units protects the tube and helps maintain a more precise seed drop for more consistent seed spacing.

The Flush-Face Seed Tube is compatible with most John Deere seed sensors on planters today. You can use the Flush-Face Seed Tube in MaxEmerge XP, MaxEmerge Plus™, MaxEmerge 2™ and all Pro-Series row units.

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