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Flush Face Seed Tube

Flush Face Seed Tube

This revolutionary translucent seed tube is constructed of a smoked-tint UV-protected polycarbonate material. The translucency of the seed tube allows the seed tube sensor to be mounted completely external from the seed tube. This eliminates the need for a seed sensor hole that is required on current seed tubes in the industry today. Most seed tubes on the market today mount the seed sensor into the hole of the seed tube. A small "ramp" above the seed sensor directs seed over the sensor to eliminate contact between the seed and seed sensor. This momentarily causes the seed to lose contact with the front face of the seed tube. The new flush face seed tube from John Deere provides an uninterrupted smooth surface from the time the seed enters the seed tube to the exit point.

All model year 2007 or newer planters are equipped with the flush face seed tubes for standard equipment.  The flush face seed tube is compatible with MaxEmerge XP™, MaxEmerge Plus™, MaxEmerge 2™ row units, and all Pro-Series™ row units. In addition, the flush face seed tube is compatible with most existing John Deere seed sensors on planters today and does not require a new sensor.  However, some early MaxEmerge 2 row units used smaller eye sensors and as a result, new eye sensors are needed for this application.

inside flush face seed tube

Inside view of flush face seed tube

inside old seed tube

Inside view of existing seed tube

The manufacturing process of the flush face seed tube creates an uninterrupted, more uniform seed tube surface compared to the existing tube. This new material, which allows the seed sensor to be mounted external from the seed tube, creates an ideal situation for each seed.

flush face seed tube sensor

Sensor location flush face seed tube

old seed tube sensor

Sensor location of existing seed tube

The flush face seed tube is compatible with most existing John Deere seed sensors on planters today. Simply mount the existing sensor to the recessed area of the flush face seed tube and the tube/sensor is field ready. Some early MaxEmerge 2 row units may require new eye sensors.

flush face seed tube retainer tabs

New retainer tabs

old seed tube retainer tabs

Old retainer tabs

The retainer tabs located on the front of the seed tube, which lock the seed tube into position, have also been improved. The new design allows the retainer tabs to snap into position, resulting in a faster, more consistent installation.

The flush face seed tube replaces the regular curved seed tube, which is
recommended for planting acid-delinted cotton, corn, soybeans, sorghum, small edible beans, sugar beets and other small seeds. The small straight seed tube, regular straight seed tube, and large curved seed tube will not be replaced and will continue to be manufactured of the same material.

Seed Tube Guard Information
seed tube guard

Important: When installing new seed tubes into row units, it is very important to inspect the condition of the seed tube guard and replace if necessary. Side to side contact is necessary between the tube and the guard in order for the tube to follow the seed trench, but the seed tube should never make for/aft contact with the guard as this will affect performance.

If your MaxEmerge Plus and MaxEmerge 2 row units have worn out seed tube guards, you now have two options for replacement for curved seed tube guards:


  • AA49013 Curved seed tube guard - Standard
  • AA68468 Curved seed tube guard - New, larger mounting pins


It is recommended to have your John Deere dealer install AA68468 seed tube guards with the included larger roll pins when the mounting holes in the row unit have worn to the point that the standard roll pins will not hold the guard securely.


See your local John Deere dealer for ordering information.

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