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Water From The Sun

New tech may help quench the Central Valley’s thirst.

Irrigation water in the drought plagued Central Valley filters through the soil and picks up salt and other minerals that make it fit for neither man nor crop. While traditional desalination plants use energy-intensive reverse osmosis to reclaim the water, a new prototype desalination plant uses solar energy and a distillation system. They are able to desalinate water for $400 per acre foot as compared to $2000 per acre foot with the traditional system.

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Up On The Ladder

From headquarters at 7,000 feet elevation in the Rockies, the Ladder Ranch overlooks the Little Snake River, where owners Pat and Sharon O’Toole partner with various conservation groups. Sharon’s family has owned the ranch since 1881.

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    Strength in Diversity

    The experiment station at Glensaugh, on the edge of the Scottish Highlands, demonstrates tactics for making a living from rough country -- acid moors, Scotland's counterpart to sagebrush ground common from the western Plains through the Intermountain West. Find out how adapted animals, mixed-species management and fire combine to turn rough country into productive grazing land, and get American perspectives on similar stateside challenges.

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      One Room Schools

      South Dakota farmer Rick Bieber restored and maintains a one-room school on his farm. He and his family have had it listed as a 'national historic site' and it draws hundreds of visitors from around the world every year – despite being in the middle of one of his fields with only a broken dirt trail to get to it.

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