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Hunger fighters survey a broader battlefield

Climb aboard the soil health bandwagon

After being treated like dirt for more than a century, the soil is now getting the respect it deserves. Farmers and researchers now recognize the soil as a vital, living ecosystem that can address many of the challenges facing agriculture, while providing for reduced input costs, decreased erosion, increased water infiltration and retention, and fewer weed and disease problems.

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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Trade missions, organized by groups such as the U.S. Grains Council, help illustrate to foreign buyers the benefits of doing business with the U.S. They also help producers put a face to their overseas customers. “Once you get to meet your customers, it puts a lot more meaning into what you’re doing,” says producer David Adams, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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    To Lek With Grazing

    To Lek With Grazing

    No rancher or land manager wants any of their native critters teetering on the edge of listing as an endangered species. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where we find the sage grouse. The multi-monikered bird used to number in the millions, but has dwindled to six-figure populations in recent years. Plains ranchers hope proactive grazing management will benefit their cattle and the sage grouse alike.

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      Keepers of the Santa Fe Trail

      Keepers of the Santa Fe Trail

      About 98% of what used to be the Santa Fe Trail is now in private hands, most of it held by farmers and ranchers. Much of it was plowed up years ago, but what remains has a special significance for the landowners. They consider themselves guardians of the trail, and are happy to have people visit, walk the wagon-wheel ruts, and learn more about their country’s history.

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