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Cinderella Sorghum

Grain sorghum has long been the stepchild of commodity crops. Now, the stepsister crop is stepping out.

Largely relegated to regions and soils not suited to corn or soybeans, grain sorghum has received limited research support, has had to battle for respect from policy makers, and has struggled to hang on to acreage. In true fairytale fashion, however, grain sorghum has finally made its way into the dance.

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Image of the inside of a green house with potted plants on a table.

Keeping Kool

Brothers Ian and Douglas Simmons don’t believe in keeping all their eggs in one basket. In fact, the 4.5 million eggs their layers produce each year is just one venture they’ve used to diversify their operation at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

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    Old black and white image of a farmer in the fields being pulled by mules.

    New Deal Nostalgia

    The Matanuska Valley Colony was an experimental farming community created as part of FDR’s New Deal plan to move the nation out of its lingering economic woes. The plan established more than 100 farm resettlement communities across the U.S., but none captured the nation’s attention like Alaska’s Matanuska Valley.

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      Woman and man walking leading a heifer down a dirt road.

      Not For Show

      Showing cattle teaches kids plenty of valuable lessons, most notably work ethic. But some in the business of producing beef commercially don’t see those programs serving the needs of young people who want to pursue a life in livestock. A new program in Wyoming was put together to help change that.

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