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Hunger fighters survey a broader battlefield

In the 1960s and 1970s, with much of the developing world suffering fits of famine, the Green Revolution snatched millions of people from the brink of starvation. Today, famine is relatively rare, but 13% of the world’s population is still undernourished, including 23% of Africa’s population, and a sobering 60% to 70% of children in Indian states like Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Meet the people and the organizations leading the next Green Revolution.

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Making Waves With Drip

Making Waves With Drip

The persistent trickle of subsurface drip irrigation is generating a growing wave of interest in areas where groundwater is scarce – and even where it isn’t. While drip irrigation continues to save water on the High Plains, it’s now emerging as a way to help Corn Belt growers.

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    Parallel Worlds

    Parallel Worlds

    Donald Lloyd Dyer, known to friends and family as “Rocky,” has been living dual lives for the last thirty years. From November to April, he’s a subsistence farmer in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. The rest of the year, he works in Canada under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. “He was absent so much,” says his oldest daughter, Tajana, but thanks in part to her father’s determination to provide a better life, she became the first person in their family to graduate from college.

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      Corn Of A Different Color

      Corn Of A Different Color

      The U.S. is a global leader in the production of No. 2 yellow corn for the commodity market, but there is growing interest in corn of different colors, particularly for use in food. Researchers even say colored corn that can help vitamin-deficient children is on the way.

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