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Redesigned LaserRip II ripper points prove themselves in field.

The good word is out about LaserRip II ripper points


After two years on the market, the LaserRip II ripper points from John Deere continue to generate positive responses from users. Redesigned in 2011, they’re proving themselves by fracturing extreme soil conditions at a whole new level of efficiency. Breaking the ground barrier – delivering better penetration and less surface disturbance. Cutting like a laser, saving time and fuel.


Here’s what some producers are saying about them:


“They (LaserRip II ripper points) were catching rocks and the points would still be there.”  -Kevin Torgeson, Iowa


“I like how they wear. And they leave the field nice.”  -Justin Hanson, Iowa


Cast to last


“I used to slow down where I knew there were rocks. I don’t need to any longer.” -Rob Tjelmeland, Iowa


For years, John Deere has offered the only single-cast design ripper point on the market.* What’s beneficial about that?


  • Cast from a solid piece of sturdy carbidic austempered ductile iron, no welds mean there are no weak points … just exceptional impact resistance and longer life.
  • More material on the top of the point further enhances longevity.

The result? You spend less time replacing ripper points, and more time tilling.


Design breakthroughs that pay off


Recent design improvements to the LaserRip II ripper points help them penetrate hardpan better than ever.


  • The wings are top-plated and moved back to enhance rupture.
  • The nose is dual-angled to reduce draft, increase vertical force and improve rupture as well.


These changes also make them easier to pull and lower horsepower requirements.


One brand fits all


“These are above and beyond any competitor’s ripper point.” -Rob Tjelmeland, Iowa


And there’s more good news: LaserRip II ripper points are compatible with the equipment you’ve already got. They fit:


  • All John Deere disk rippers and V-rippers.
  • Competitive machines such as Krause, Wil-Rich, Landoll. CNH, DMI and Brillion.


Now that the good word is out about LaserRip II ripper points, why not prove it to yourself? Learn more at JDParts: LaserRip II


* Some competitors have recently started offering single-cast ripper points.

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