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Frontier Summer Implements

Hay season is here, and Frontier Equipment has what you need to maintain quality and tonnage from the field to feeding or market.


Cut it. Tackle tough, thick crops on rugged ground with a tough Disc Mower. Make attaching easier with a convenient Disc Mower Caddy. Sickle Bar Mowers combine performance and value. The cutter bar flexes up to 90 degrees or as low as -45 degrees for mowing up or down hillsides.


Rake it. Rake more hay in less time with the Heavy-Duty Wheel Rakes. Versatile In-Line Wheel Rakes adjust to your needs for working in light or heavy conditions, including hay, corn stalks, cane stubble, straw or other delicate crop. Standard-Duty High-Capacity Wheel Rakes offer quality hay gathering at an economical price.


  • High-Capacity Wheel Rakes give you high performance and consistency to engage nearly any type of terrain.
  • Carted Wheel Rakes provide optimum maneuverability and multiple down-pressure settings to adjust to land contours for tough raking jobs.
  • Overhead-Frame Wheel Rakes are ideal for large, high-volume forage operations.
  • Rotary Rakes reduce dirt and debris in windrows.


Condition it. Improve feed quality and dry down time with a Hay Tedder. Frontier Tedders provide thorough conditioning and even distribution in all types of hay. Decrease baling time by combining multiple windrows into large, consistent windrows with a Hay Merger.


Haul it. Move bales from the field to the bale wrapper or storage location with a reliable Bale Carrier or 3-Point Bale Spear for large, round bales. Protect silage bales from harsh weather and preserve feed value with Inline Bale Wrappers.


Frontier Equipment has the tools you need to get the most from your forage crop. Find out more at your local John Deere dealer, your exclusive source for Frontier Equipment.

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