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More ways to leverage your most important input: water.

Independent research* suggests using John Deere Field Connect to measure and record moisture levels can result in significant costs savings and yield increases … as much as 2 inches per acre in reduced water plus reduced energy costs, and a 5.5-bu/acre jump in corn yield!


And now, the John Deere Field Connect advantage is even stronger, with new environmental sensors:


Weather Station collects in-field air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction. All this information is sent to the web and can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device, so you can calculate evapotranspiration (ET), a critical measurement in irrigation planning and scheduling. You can also identify the need for freeze protection, or determine the best time to spray your crops.


• Pyranometer measures solar radiation, another key ingredient of evapotranspiration.


• Temperature probe lets you measure air or soil temperature. You can monitor proper seedbed temperature to improve germination, or multiple levels in the air to monitor inversion layers for freeze protection.


• Rain gauge delivers highly accurate records of rainfall and irrigation, at high or low positions in the canopy, to provide a clear picture of water received and effectiveness.


• Leaf Wetness Sensor imitates the characteristics of a leaf and is used in the plant canopy to detect the presences of water or ice to help monitor plant diseases.


John Deere Field Connect uses field-installed probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths. It then sends the information to a web-based interface where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device, so you can make timely irrigation decisions from anywhere.


No more overwatering … studies show that 80% of producers overwater, which not only increases your operating costs, it can saturate the soils, reducing growth and yield, and increasing the chance of soil fungal disease.


And no more under-watering … obviously you want to get the most out of every drop, and Field Connect delivers. You can improve plant health by increasing moisture at key stages, such as pollination, or to help plants pull in nutrients. Crop stress can be better monitored and managed, helping you build root zones for a better stand and better yield.


No more guesswork, no more delay: Field Connect provides the information you need to advise your crew to make adjustments that protect yields and reduce costs. With your soil moisture levels balanced, your crops are able to effectively absorb fertilizer and pesticides, promoting higher yields and improved crop quality.


Call your John Deere FarmSightTM Certified Dealer today, and ask how John Deere Field Connect can help you make more informed irrigation decisions.



* Fonatanelle Hybrids, 2010

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