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Remote Display Access

When a machine is stopped, it’s costing you money. Increasing the amount of time that your machines and operators spend getting work done is critical.


That’s how your dealer can help. By using tools like John Deere Remote Display Access, your dealer can potentially save you a service call and get you working again more quickly. Remote Display Access gives you and your dealer, with your permission, the ability to view an operator’s GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display remotely.


“The machine’s GS3 2630 Display can be viewed by the remote user, and operator can communicate via cell phone or radio to make necessary adjustments or changes to settings on the machine,” says Dave Mulder, Product Marketing Manager. “This allows the remote user to see if the issue can be handled without a service call. If a service call is necessary, the tech can make sure that the correct parts go out on the service truck.”


Now, monitoring and managing your machines from outside the office is easy. Remote Display Access can be accessed through JDLink™ or on MyJohnDeere.com from iOS and Android devices.


Remote Display Access requires:


• GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display

* Remote Display Access cellular data plan subscription

• JDLink™ activation

• MTG/JDLink-equipped machine.

* Ethernet cable

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