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John Deere Batteries

Think any battery will work in the field? Think again.


You’d never expect your car to take on the work your tractor does, and you shouldn’t expect a car battery to handle the load either.


John Deere offers batteries that aren’t just “good enough” for tough work – they were designed  for it. Our StrongBox™ and Performance batteries are built to power through tough field conditions that not all batteries are strong enough to face.


StrongBox batteries are the best because they were developed and tested right alongside John Deere equipment. They’ve been proven to deliver better performance up to 8 times longer than their competitors. We even proved it with extensive testing against the top competitors in the industry. See for yourself:


Battery Life Test
Battery Vibration Test


The John Deere Performance line of batteries is a great lower-cost alternative when you don’t need the premium features of StrongBox. They’re perfect for on-road vehicles, they’re affordable and they’re proven to have up to 2.5 times the life of comparable competitive batteries – which we’ve proven in some of the most stringent on-road tests out there. Take a look at the evidence:


Battery Life Test
Battery Vibration Test


If you’re taking a trip to Grandma’s, auto batteries should work just fine. But if you’re in the field doing some real work, don’t risk it. See your dealer for genuine John Deere batteries.

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