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Agronomic Videos

At the 2016 Farm Progress Show, attendees were able to ask John Deere subject matter experts about a wide range of agronomic and economic topics. Here are their video responses, with more clips to come. Continue to check back in for added content.
  • Residue Management02:07

    Residue Management

    Think if you had 300-bushel corn at 15- to 20,000 pounds of residue per acre. Well, we asked Todd VerHeeke about managing all that residue in your field. Find out his ideas on the best way to go about it.

    View Todd's Video
  • Amy Runkel01:41

    Residue Management

    Hopefully you’ve upped your yields this year. If so, then you also have more residue. Amy Runkel is here to tell you how to manage high and variable amounts of residue through your tillage practice.

    View Amy's Video
  • Brittney Guidarelli00:53

    Residue Management

    The best start to managing residue starts at harvest. And Brittney Guidarelli has the scoop on how the John Deere S-Series Combines offer even distribution, while considering field operations down the line.

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  • Dr. Tom Mueller01:25

    Soil Preparation

    Improvements in how we use our nutrients can help save costs and increase yields, especially when we consider the cloud of environmental concerns and regulations. But Dr. Tom Mueller has insight on how to address this issue.

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  • Darin Krantz01:46

    Precision Ag

    Perhaps you leave it to your agronomic advisors to interpret your data for improving yields. That said, it’s still up to you to come up with the economic improvements in your operation. Darin Krantz has thoughts on how we can help make it easier.

    View Darin's Video

Agronomic Research

We know you’re always on the lookout to add efficiency to your operation, exploring new ways to reduce operating costs or pump up your yields a little more … Below you’ll find the latest research and studies from universities, extension services, and John Deere, all designed to help give you a greater advantage.

Soil Preparation |  Planting & Seeding | Precision Ag Technology | Crop Nutrition/Protection  | Commercial Hay/Livestock

Soil Preparation

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The science of soil sampling

Faster, more precise techniques are revamping an old practice, all a result of the rapid adoption of variable-rate application technology. (16-10)

    Originally published in The Furrow.Originally published in The Furrow.

    Planting & Seeding

    • University Test Study

      ExactEmerge™ scores high marks during in-field testing

      Research at a major land grant university shows John Deere ExactEmerge outperforms the standard for spacing and emergence, even at planting speeds of 10mph.

        View the study resultsView the study results
      • Corn Field up close

        Most critical factor of corn yield during in-field testing

        University of Minnesota research on emergence, timing, population, and spacing found that uniform emergence has by far the largest impact on yield, up to 9%.

          View the full studyView the full study
        • little corn plant

          Don’t let uneven emergence rob your yield

          A recent study by Purdue University identified the top factors of corn yield: even emergence, soil moisture, soil temperature, and seed-to-soil contact. Of these, even emergence had the largest impact on ultimate yield.

            View the studyView the study
          • Corn Field

            Want to maximize corn yield potential? Follow these four keys

            Make no mistake, planting is the most critical aspect of the production cycle. So it's important to lay a strong foundation to reach the full potential of your operation. But there are four aspects that stand out the most.

              Learn about the key success factors nowLearn about the key success factors now
            • Agronomic Study

              You Can't Argue With Results

              We ran the tests … and so did Purdue University. Here’s the plain truth: running at faster speeds with ExactEmerge™ has no negative effect on accuracy. So whether you’re bumping up from 5mph to 7mph, or 6mph to 8mph, or higher, you get all the agronomic benefits to help maximize your full yield potential with the added bonus of increased planting speeds to take advantage of short windows.

                See the results for yourselfSee the results for yourself
              • Planter in field

                Automated section control pays for itself in 2 years

                This 2011 study from Auburn University shows that using automatic section control during planting delivers input savings from 1% to 12% on each pass, with an average seed savings of 4.3%. Investing in section control technology will pay for itself within 2 years.

                  Learn moreLearn more

                Precision Ag Technology

                • man on phone with sunset in background

                  Harvesting Data

                  The machine and agronomic data your equipment generates can increase yields and decrease operating costs; this pre-recorded webinar featuring John Fulton from Ohio State shows you how. (16-04)

                    View Harvesting Data videoView Harvesting Data video
                  • Guidance

                    Save up to 30% on inputs with automated guidance and section control

                    Research at Auburn University showed a possible 30% in overall savings when using section control and guidance together. So investing in precision guidance is really a no-brainer.

                      Get the detailsGet the details
                    • RFD-TV screen shot

                      Must-See TV: Precision Technology in a Corn Production system

                      Shot on-location in Iowa, this 60-minute seminar with John Deere agronomic experts focuses on equipment and technology that can increase yield and profits (16-11).

                        See how you can leverage the insightsSee how you can leverage the insights

                      Crop Nutrition/Protection

                      • Sprayer in field

                        At 200# rate, NH3 saves $28/acre vs. 32% UAN

                        Applying anhydrous can be precise AND profitable … but don’t take our word for it, check out a recent article by Russ Quinn of DTN. (Reprinted by permission, copyright 2015 Telvent DTN, LLC).

                          Read the articleRead the article
                        • Mature Palmer Amarath

                          Managing herbicide-resistant weeds

                          If not controlled, herbicide-resistant weeds can reduce yield by 6.1% or more, according to university studies; this research report outlines a number of proven options to manage them. (16-07)

                            Read the articleRead the article
                          • sprayer in field

                            Make every drop count. Automatic boom-section control saves an

                            Adding automatic boom-section control delivers savings between 2% and 12%, according to this Auburn University study. Reduce your overlap on point rows, headlands, small, irregular-shaped fields or waterways.

                              Get the detailsGet the details

                            Commercial Hay

                            • Agronomic Research

                              Is shredlage a good idea?

                              A Penn State University finds that shredlage "does not give the cow any more physically effective fiber (peNDF) or provide any advantage over conventionally chopped silage in this aspect of the diet.” (16-05).

                                View the Penn State article PDFView the Penn State article PDF
                              • brochure cover

                                Formulating the right dairy ration

                                What does it take to develop the perfect ration to boost milk production? First, it takes an understanding of the many challenges. John Deere experts take a closer look and offer solutions. (16-08).

                                  Challenges and solutions brochureChallenges and solutions brochure
                                • Grass shoot

                                  Tracking forage info pays

                                  Purdue University's Animal Science Research Center uses high-tech tools like John Deere HarvestLab to obtain higher-precision information, higher-quality forages. (16-10)

                                    View the article.View the article.