Oil Change Calculator


Plus-50™ II Premium Engine Oil has been developed to meet the needs of John Deere engines, providing superior protection for current and older engines. We strongly recommend that all John Deere engines use Plus-50 II oil to ensure optimal performance, including extended drain-interval options. Also, when you pair John Deere oil filters with premium Plus-50 II engine oil, there's no stopping you for 500 hours!†

John Deere oil filters are expertly engineered to catch small particles like dirt and other contaminants before they pollute your engine. Dirty oil causes unwanted wear, shorter engine life, and less productivity. That's why John Deere filters are tested to make sure they capture more dust than lesser quality filters. Don't conduct an oil change without this winning combo. Trust John Deere filters and oil to help your machines last.

Input the required information below to compare John Deere oil and filter annual costs with the competitor's offerings.


  1. 1. Enter engine model and annual usage.

  2. 2. Enter the number of gallons required per oil change.

  3. 3. Enter the number of engines in your fleet.

  4. 4. Enter price of John Deere oil and the competitor's oil.

  5. 5. Input the cost of John Deere oil filters and the competitor's oil filters.

  6. 6. Enter the competitor's standard oil change interval. Standard oil change interval for competitor oil is 250 hours; 375 for extended life.

  7. 7. Select an oil change interval when combining Plus-50 II premium engine oil with John Deere oil filters. This winning combo increases the recommended drain interval to 500 hours!†

  8. 8. You're done - we'll calculate the rest!

  9. 9. Print this page for future reference.

(Calculations assume your application is fitted with the appropriate size oil sump.)
Annual usage in hours  
Gallons per oil change  
Number of units  

  Competitor's engine oil &
competitor's oil filter
Plus-50 II engine oil &
competitor's oil filter
Plus-50 II engine oil &
John Deere oil filter
Oil price per gallon      
Cost of oil per change      
Oil filter price      
Cost of oil & filter per change      
Oil change interval      
Annual oil changes per unit      
Annual oil & filter cost (unit)      
Total cost per hour      
Total annual oil changes      
Total Annual oil & filter cost      

† 500-hour drain interval applies to John Deere diesel engines when the following criteria are met: 1. Engine is equipped with an extended drain interval oil pan, 2. Machine operates with Plus-50 II engine oil API CJ-4/SN, 3. Machine uses a John Deere engine oil filter, and 4. Machine uses only Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel.