Precision Data Proves Its Worth

Customers Experience Faster and More Accurate Claims Service

Chelsey and Lee Benes have a long history with John Deere equipment. It makes sense then, that their crop insurance would be associated with the same company.

Last year, they moved their crop insurance policy to John Deere Insurance Company. The decision was easy, explains Chelsey. “We’ve always had John Deere implements and since we recently upgraded our monitor system, we had the technology. I knew we could use reports if we had a claim,” she says.

Lee adds, “Now that we’ve upgraded our equipment, having John Deere crop insurance makes more sense. I want John Deere products from start to end, and now we have it.”

Little did Chelsey and Lee know they would be using their recently upgraded technology and data for a claim the very first year.

Precision Ag Benefits
  • Easier record management – Instead of looking for scale tickets and measuring bins, you can simply print the required documents from your precision farming system for the adjuster. Plus, you’ll be better prepared in the event of a Risk Management Agency (RMA) audit.
  • Faster claims payments - The time required to validate a crop insurance claim is reduced when your John Deere adjuster receives the required reports from your precision farming system.
  • Save premium and increase APH – By using your actual planted acres, you’ll only pay crop insurance premium for what you farm. And over time, you’ll increase your Actual Production History (APH).
Easy, Simple Claims Process

Given the dry conditions across the Midwest and the Benes’ recent equipment upgrade, John Deere adjuster Mike Steenson spoke with Chelsey and Lee about the claims process using precision ag data.

He explained what documents he would need from Apex™ to process their claim – planting and harvest maps and a calibration report. Steenson says the manual process of elevator tickets and bin measurements leaves producers with a larger window of risk.

“The more you have, the more chance for error,” he says. “With precision ag data, each field is just one entry. This accurate data makes processing claims easier, faster and more concise.”

Claim Service Expedited

Chelsey and Lee prepared their documents for Steenson after submitting the loss in October. “It was simple,” says Chelsey. “Everything we needed for the claim was on the reports in Apex. In less than 15 minutes, we printed off the maps and I gave them to Mike the next day. That was it!”

That same day, Steenson verified the data and processed the claim. By that afternoon, the claim was processed by the claims department. On day two of the claim, Lee stopped into the agency to sign the claims documents and verify production.

“Everything was processed in two days, and because of direct deposit, we received our payment about a week later. It was that quick and easy,” recalls Chelsey.

“Every claim is different, but Chelsey and Lee’s claim shows how you can leverage the equipment you already have to get your claim settled quickly and easily,” says Steenson.

Get Started before You’re in the Field

By using your precision farming systems data for a claim, you too can benefit from a faster, easier claims experience like John Deere Insurance Company customers, Chelsey and Lee. Seek the expertise of your John Deere dealer and crop insurance agent for proper set up of your precision farming systems. Because what you do before planting is just as important as what you do in the field.

Contact your local John Deere crop insurance agent, and visit our website for more information.

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