A storm proves the value of accurate data

Farm.jpgCurt and Brock Hansen, a father-son team who farm together near Baxter, Iowa, believe in the benefits of new technology to run their farming operation as efficiently as possible. Prior to 2011, they had been using two different combines and yield-monitor systems, which made it difficult to compile complete production records for their entire operation.

In order to gain efficiencies in their operation, the Hansens purchased a John Deere 9870 STS combine.

Their decision to invest in the new equipment and precision farming technology came in the nick of time, because on July 11, 2011, the Hansens suffered major losses after a wind storm wreaked havoc across Iowa. They were able to put the technology to work and quickly came to appreciate the full value of their investment during the claims process.
Thorough, Accurate Claims
By using the yield monitor system to record production during harvest, the Hansens saved time for everyone during the claims process. Curt printed the required documentations from the yield monitor system for the John Deere Insurance Company adjuster, Brian Nebergall, who was handling their claims. The ability to verify production through the yield monitor system made the process seamless for Nebergall.
“I reviewed the harvest summary report and looked at the planting map to make sure they used the proper AMS equipment. Using the data from their yield monitor took about a third of the time compared to measuring bins.” explains Nebergall, “It was really more of a verification process than anything else.”

Curt also verified the accuracy of the data, since the system was new to him, by measuring their bins. The difference between the monitor and bin measurement was within 1.5 bushels.

“Seeing the small difference in the results has given me more confidence in the technology,” Says Curt.

 “The measurements drove home the fact that we have a piece of equipment that helps us save time and would give us more return on our investment. Now, we have complete accuracy, and we have it faster with less legwork.”

Technology Forward
Jack Tank, owner of Ag Risk Crop Insurance, LLC, in Iowa City, Iowa, has worked with the Hansen family for nearly 25 years and has seen their operation grow because of investments made in machinery, tiling, bins and other improvements.

 “They understand the world of technology is exploding and John Deere is positioned well to help them and other customers like them make the most of their investment.”

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Curt and Brock Hansen each received a John Deere hat for sharing their experience.

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