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John Deere Launches A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators Engineered for Maximum Productivity

ORLANDO, Florida (February 5, 2014) – John Deere Golf is excited to officially launch the A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators. These aerators were designed with superintendents' feedback in mind, and are engineered to provide increased productivity and efficiency compared to traditional aerators on the market.

The patented articulating frame meets superintendents' needs for more consistent hole depth in undulating terrain, and shift-on-the-fly technology allows for users to change the hole spacing while the machine is in motion. The machines also feature a tighter turning radius, which aids in sharper, quicker turns.


For higher levels of efficiency, superintendents are asking for more versatile machines, and John Deere answers this need with the aerators compatibility with an optional verticutter attachment. To improve operator experience, the aerator offers a re-designed operator's station to allow for easier control, and reduced levels of handlebar vibration.


Providing products with innovative technology is a part of the company's commitment to ensuring industry professionals are equipped to produce the best results. Features including the articulating frame and shift-on-the-fly technology were created based on input from superintendents throughout an extensive field researching and testing process.


"At John Deere Golf we innovate for the benefit of the consumer based on their specific feedback," said Brooks Hastings, product marketing manager, John Deere Golf. "Our collaborative partnerships with today's superintendents are what enable us to improve offerings, like the A40 and V40 aerators, to meet our commitment of providing the most thoughtful products to serve the best golf courses on Earth."


For more information on these products contact your local John Deere Golf distributor or sign up at www.JohnDeere.com/Golf for the latest news and product info.


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