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Love Story: A Man and His Machine

A story of love lost, of love found, and of love renewed. It's the story of Curtis Lindsey, of Lindsey Construction, and a John Deere 450B Crawler.


Curtis Lindsey owns Lindsey Construction, a Spring, Texas, company started by his father, S. E. Lindsey, in the mid-1940s. The family has been in the industry since his grandfather, C. H. Lindsey, started a sand and gravel company in 1936. Lindsey Construction is now a civil construction company that manages large drainage earthwork contracts.


In 1973, Lindsey's father bought Lindsey Construction's first John Deere 450B Crawler. Curtis Lindsey started his career on that machine, and operated it for over ten years, until the company sold it in the mid-1980s. "Over the years, I kept track of the machine and its owner," Lindsey said. "About ten years ago, I ran into him at a funeral. Afterward, he told me he still owned it and I made him an offer. Wrote him a check right there on the spot."

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