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John Deere takes safety seriously - for the sake of our employees, our dealers and customers, and those around them. We developed formal product safety processes in 1938 and continue to move the industry ahead with new product safety technology and training. We're also setting the standard for workplace safety and even encouraging employee health and wellness outside of the workplace.


Safety is everybody's responsibility. We're just making it easier for everyone to do their part.

A focus on product safety

Attention to detail. That's where product safety starts. Product safety committees and engineers work to create and improve our machines. But managing risk is a team effort. And if you're operating equipment, or are around it, you're part of that team.


Safety doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes simple steps can make a big difference. Wear your seat belt, don't operate machinery when kids are nearby, and get to know your operator's manual.

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A focus on employee safety

John Deere is committed to a safe workplace. That commitment has resulted in John Deere being regularly recognized as a leader in this area. But the commitment goes beyond the workplace.

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Safety Plays Big Part in Workplace Design

Safety Plays Big Part in Workplace Design

Safety was top of mind when John Deere Des Moines Works constructed a new building on their site last year to manufacture self-propelled sprayers. In designing the new building, the company incorporated several safety concepts developed at the plant, originally built as a munitions factory in the early 1940s.

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