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Earning a Strong Safety Record

Dubuque Works Safety Record

Inside the Dubuque Works factory entrance sits a 7,000-lb boulder signed by employees who have completed the Safety ROCKS program.

Nine million hours. That's how much time John Deere Dubuque Works had logged at the end of fiscal year 2011 without a lost-time accident. It's the kind of performance that has earned the construction and forestry equipment factory a reputation as one of the company's top safety performers, year in and year out.


Dubuque Works' impressive safety record stems from effective safety programs and processes, employee engagement, and management commitment – all aimed at eliminating injuries on and off the job.


Among the factory's key safety programs and processes are:

  • SERA (Safety and Ergonomic Risk Assessment), through which safety and ergonomic hazards are identified and prioritized for correction
  • RCI (Rapid Continuous Improvement), in which teams take immediate action to improve a specific operation or process
  • Ergo Days, during which engineers collaborate with production employees to improve the ergonomics, or design of employees' work and workstations.


Dubuque Works' commitment to safety remains top of mind for employees and visitors thanks to a 7,000-lb. boulder sitting inside a factory entrance and covered with hundreds of signatures. The boulder is part of a larger safety display and represents one of the factory's most successful training programs, Safety ROCKS (Realigning Our Culture through Knowledge of Safety). Employees who complete the program sign the rock and commit themselves to working safely.


Extending Safety Beyond the Workplace

John Deere units worldwide are making off-the-job safety awareness a priority. That's because nine of 10 fatalities and more than two-thirds of disabling injuries to workers each year occur off the job, according to the U.S. National Safety Council. In fact, according to company safety records, John Deere employees are 20 times more likely to be hurt off the job than at work.

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