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Improved Design Improves Safety

Ergo Days improves safety

Ergo Days allows engineers to spend time improving the design of work and workstations.

Repetitive tasks, bad posture and overuse of muscles can lead to health and safety risks on the job. One way John Deere reduces those risks is through Ergo Days, during which engineers spend time with production employees to improve the design of work and workstations, also known as ergonomics.


As part of Ergo Days 2011 at John Deere Iberica in Getafe, Spain, manufacturing and product design engineers worked assembly jobs to better understand how improving ergonomics could enhance workmanship, efficiency, teamwork, and product quality, all while reducing the risk of injuries.


The experience was beneficial all around. The engineers gained valuable insights to apply in future design and development of products and assembly lines. Production employees had the opportunity to address current ergonomic issues with the engineers.


John Deere Iberica's Ergo Days was so successful the factory produced a video to promote its benefits to other Deere units.


Earning a strong safety record

Nine million hours. That's how much time John Deere Dubuque Works had logged at the end of fiscal year 2012 without a lost-time accident. It's the kind of performance that has earned the construction and forestry equipment factory a reputation as one of the company's top safety performers, year in and year out.

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